NopServices Fashion Clean Responsive V.3.1

NopServices Fashion Clean Responsive V.3.1


In order to install our Fashion Clean Theme you need to follow these simple instructions:

1) Copy the FashionClean folder from the Themes folder of the downloaded theme into the Themes folder of your nopCommerce web site.

2) You now need to activate the Fashion Clean theme. For that purpose go to Configuration -> Settings -> General And Miscellaneous Settings

3) From the "Desktop store theme:" dropdown choose "Fashion Clean" and after that click the button "Save" on the right top corner. Have a look at the picture below

Further Configuration (Optional)

Owl Carousel

The theme comes integrated with the Owl Carousel JQuery Plugin in the HomePage Bestsellers (HomepageBestSellers.cshtml). All the references needed for the Owl Carousel to work are already included in our master page (Head.cshtml).If you need more information about OwlCarousel, please visit the official page.

NopServices Menu Plugin

The NopServices Menu plugin comes prestyled for all our NopCommerce Themes.If you need to need to install it and use it this theme, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Please visit the NopService's Menu plugin online documentation and follow the instruction on the page.After the successful installation of the plugin, you should both NopCommerce default menu and NopServices menu on your site's header.
  2. In order to show the NopServices menu go to the Header.cshtml file at the following path: /Themes/FashionClean/Views/Shared/Header.cshtml and uncomment the following line


and comment out the 

@Html.Action("Menu", "Common")

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