Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

At NopServices we have a team of SEO experts looking forward to fine-tune your website in order to achieve elevated natural search results and help increase your online sales. 

Many people wonder what the actual benefits of having a site fully optimized for search engines are. Some of the benefits are: 

  • Increase of brand awareness
  • Increase of sales-services, since we have visitors that turn into clients
  • Huge increase in site traffic which makes your site more profitable
  • Reduced cost for attracting visitors
  • Get money back that was invested on SEO (Return on Investement - ROI)

Google adwords

Google Adwords is an alternative way of attracting new customers through search engines. It is all about the targeted advertisement messages that appear on google search or display network.

We think that Google Adwords is the ideal Paid Search Campaign platform, since 80% of searches made by  users are through Google.

Google Adwords is probably the most common and cost effective way for on-line advertisement. Nowadays it is the fastest growing on-line advertisement system-platform. 

The advantages for your own company are: 

  • Attract more customers that look for products and services supplied by your company 
  • Target with specific messages a set-group of clients 
  • Total control of the ad fees 
  • Instant notification for the campaign results 
  • It is a much cheaper way of advertising products and services than all classic traditional ad costs 

Our qualified employees are explaining all the advantages of Google Adwords to the client. Then an agreement must be reached regarding the following issues: 

  • Which is the group that the ad campaign will target
  • Which specific products and services will be advertised
  • The budget available
  • Whether the customer is advertising the same products and services through alternative channels
  • Whether the campaign will focus on a national-regional or global level

Social Media Marketing

We like to take full advantage of Social Networks and the Digital Channels. They are direct and can be leveraged to provide better communication with prospective or existing clients.

We offer turn-key social media marketing services to our clients including strategy, implementation, and training. We train our clients in using social media, help them to define their strategy and select tactics, and how to measure their SROI (social return on investment). We are proud that we have become a strategic partner with our clients.

Our services include:

  • Create & Implement Strategic Communication in Social Media
  • Design & Maintenance of branded pages
  • Handle your Community Management
  • Update on the course of your actions and reinforce your image
  • Report and Analyze on everything that’s going on
  • Design and propose new solutions as your involvement grows

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Optimization (or Conversion Rate Optimization) is the science and art of getting a higher percentage of your web visitors to take action and becoming a lead or customer.

The aim of online optimisation is to increase your web sales, reduce page abandonment and increase overall goal conversion.

Our expert team will improve your online results by building a conversion optimization strategy and help you to increase the percentage of your website visitors who turn into leads.

E-mail Marketing

Email is still the most popular method of online communication, used by more than 90% of adult internet users. Most companies use email as part of their marketing campaign, but few do it effectively. You can blast your email list with newsletters and offers all you want, but if your customers aren’t clicking through and converting, it’s simply wasted energy.

We will work with you to segment your email list into groups based on where they are in the sales funnel, and develop appropriate, targeted email content that will cause your click-through rates and ROI to soar.

Ecommerce Personalization

Through our partners we offer a brand new service that automates email remarketing by providing personalized emails based on the behavior, visits of the customer on the site. 

Personalized emails generate up to 6 times higher revenue per email than do non-personalized emails.
We use trigger behavioral emails to retain customer relationships. For example, you can reach out to dormant customers, send browse abandonment emails based on the products the customer viewed or added to the cart but did not buy.

We are confident that through this service you can increase sales by sending the right email to the right person at the perfect time.
We can help you keep your customers engaged with personalized drip feeds that are easy for anyone to create.

Scenarios Supported

  • A dynamic campaign scheduled to go out every few days and will include products that the recipient visited at least X times and has not bought yet during the period you will have defined (e.g. last month). This can even become part of your regular newsletter (a section will have the products and the rest news etc)
  • What we call changed-my-mind products follow-ups: A dynamic promotional email that will include products that the client added to his/her cart (e.g. last month) but never bought even if he/she did another order afterwards
  • A week after each order an automatic email that will ask the client to rate his/her overall experience, depending on the answer the subscriber will be added to a different list and in case of a bad experience a second email can be sent and you will be alerted in order to follow-up and resolve any issues.
  • Special email promotions for people that visited specific categories but never bought anything from that categories (e.g. coupon 10% off).
  • Product/category based promotions. E.g. send a campaign to all the people that visited the specific product that you want to sell.
  • Dynamic segmentation of the clients based on dates like last campaign sent, last order, last visit to the website etc. For example in the case of clients that are known retuning customers (e.g. wholesale customers) they get dynamically added to the "slipping away" segment they could get a "We missed you" kind of discount based promotions to get them back.
  • Abandoned cart reminders is always a safe bet, one after a couple of hours and a second one after a couple of days. This is because we have the advantage that due to the tight email marketing integration and the real-time statistic the platform does not require the cart to be for a logged in customer. It will apply to any visitor that logged in at some point once (even if never logged in again) or clicked even once a link found in an email you sent him/her and browsed your site as a simple visitor

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