CMS Development

CMS Development

At NopServices we excel at building solutions to bring you all the time and cost savings associated with well built and managed CMS systems.We are proficient at the following two CMS platforms:

  • DotNetNuke
  • Umbraco

DotNetNuke Development & Design Services

DotNetNuke is an open source web application framework for developing interactive enterprise web applications, intranet and extranet sites. It is widely used for its powerful features, in-built tools, and functionalities that are easy-to-manage and customize. DotNetNuke is based on Microsoft ASP.NET platform and can be customized with the use of modules and skins. DotNetNuke software is available for free and licensed under BSD agreement.

DotNetNuke offers many advantages

  • With DotNetNuke you get the ability to create, edit, publish and manage web content efficiently
  • Different roles and profiles having selected privileges can be created to manage content
  • The total cost of application development and content management is reduced drastically
  • Management of websites with high content volume becomes simple
  • DotNetNuke can be integrated with the existing infrastructure without any licensing issues
  • A lot of new features keep getting added with the strong global DotNetNuke community, so you don't have to worry about enhancements
  • The look of the website could be changed easily with the use of skins
  • It is easy to create multiple users who can simply login from anywhere in the world and update content

We offer the following services when it comes to DotNetNuke:

DNN Portal Development

We undertake end-to-end DNN portal development work. Our team can build a totally interactive, web-based, and database-driven content management system for you.Our team can develop your portal from scratch.Our DotNetNuke development consultants would be happy to discuss your project with you to see if we can be of any service We can help you get more traffic, generate more website leads, increase your sales, and better your business by creating you a great website that you can easily maintain all by yourself.

DotNetNuke Skinning

We specialize in creating 100% custom designed DotNetNuke skins for your business. We are not a ‘template’ shop; we think about your goals, your audience, your existing brand, and what your business does. We then create a website design for you that is unique to your company and what you are trying to accomplish. Our team starts by creating PSD files and then we move on to delivering a fully working DNN responsive skin and container set. We can create a DNN responsive skin from your PSD or HTML mockups.

DNN Module customisation

There are thousands of aftermarket modules available for DotNetNuke so it is easy to find things like a suitable blog system, e-commerce platforms, form creators, or photo galleries. However, some companies have very unique business needs that require custom DotNetNuke modules to be created for their website. Our DotNetNuke development team has built custom modules to manage and search through real estate listings, modules to manage an online library, features to query into other databases like Oracle, and much more. Our DotNetNuke developers spend thousands of hours a year developing custom features for businesses. If it doesn’t exist, we have the DotNetNuke development skills to create it for you.

DotNetNuke Maintenance

Your website should continue to grow and improve even after it is built. With a DotNetNuke website, you will be able to update your content and completely manage your website but there is still more when it comes to websites. New trends in web design and DotNetNuke development as well as the need to meet the needs of your prospects will continue to be important to you. To keep up with the latest internet trends, it’s a good idea to keep your DotNetNuke version up-to-date. 

Umbraco Development & Design Services

Whether you’re designing a blog or an enterprise portal, Umbraco gives you both flexibility and scalability. Umbraco  has been optimised for limitless front-end creativity, balanced by a standardised back-end for easy client use. Clients love it because new users can learn to drive it within minutes, yet there are no limitations on design or content structure. Whether it’s for multiple devices or for omni-channel projects, Umbraco measures up to your needs.

Why choose Umbraco for small and large projects

Umbraco it’s perfect for small and large projects alike. Free from the burden of licensing costs, enjoying absolute scalability for changing requirements, and with unlimited potential integrations such as e-commerce, Umbraco provides the architecture you need.

We have been working with Umbraco CMS for years and have developed sites developed using this CMS. You can be assured you are working with proven, experienced Umbraco web developers. 
We can develop your Umbraco web site either from scratch - meaning that we can both design and develop your web site - or we can take your PSDs or even your finished HTML templates and convert them to Umbraco templates, macros, custom data types and document types. 

We are extremely experienced in XSLT, and with the help of JQuery and proper CSS development miracles can happen.

We are also familiar with several popular Umbraco backoffice extensions such as UComponents,  ImageGen, XSLTSearch, XMLDump, AutoFolders and more.

We can even extend Umbraco with custom code if needed.

Umbraco Full Site Development

We undertake end-to-end Umbraco development work. We will work together with you in order to create a complete and sound design, analysis of your site and then deploy it live in the hosting provider of yoru choice. We develop with usability and SEO in mind.

Umbraco Design

We can create an Umbraco responsive theme from your PSD or HTML mockups. We will work with you to define implied functionality and create the best back-end structure for your needs. We can easily integrate your custom design to meet your business needs. We define milestones and on each one we install demo versions of what's been done so far on our servers so you can see for yourselves and decide on details or suggest changes.

Umbraco customisation

We can write custom extensions for your Umbraco site and we can write custom code for the things that Umbraco doesn't support out of the box.Our experienced development team will discuss your project's custom needs and will deliver on time and on budget custom code that implements your requirements.

Umbraco Maintenance

If you have an existing Umbraco site and you need to upgrade to the latest version, optimize its database or add functionality, reach out to us.

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