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Wefit, true to its vision of continuous development and reliability, partnered with NopServices to create a unique digital presence and provide an effective and meaningful experience to its customers.


Wefit owners wanted to create an e-shop that will offer its clients a complete unique experience and a great range of products related to fitness, beauty and wellness that was missing from e-shops and brands that were online before them. Moving online was a challenge itself for the company and they wanted to liaise with a web agency that was able to provide e-consulting services until launch day.

Design & UX

Our client wanted a design that will make the user experience easy and straightforward. We customized the whole design for conversion rate optimization not only on desktops but also on mobile devices. We incorporated sliders and carousels into the design that were necessary for the unique look and feel of the site along with an easy to navigate custom menu. We designed the wireframes, mockups, and prototypes from scratch. The designer’s team coordinated with our developer’s team to ensure proper implementation of the design.

ERP Integration

We also had to integrate the data between the customer’s ERP system and the NopCommerce e-shop. The synchronization of the data was implemented through web services. The main tasks were

  • Integrating the customer addresses and information from ERP system
  • Integrating the products data and information from ERP system
  • Integrating the categories data and information from ERP system
  • Integrating the brands data and information from ERP system
  • Passing new customers to ERP system from the e-shop
  • Passing orders to ERP system from the e-shop
  • Creating all the various checks and scheduling tasks

Custom Filters

In all brands and category pages we have implemented custom filters (with Ajax functionality) that are extremely easy to apply and remove.

Custom Sorting Options

We have added custom sorting options. Customers can sort for products that have the biggest discount and products that are bestsellers.

Search – Elastic Search

We have implemented a custom Elastic Search NopCommerce plugin that uses Elastic Search as the underlying search engine. More intelligent searches results lead in an increase of purchases. Search results appear in order of relevance (ranking). Users get results back even if they misspelled the search term and all letter cases (capital, small) are ignored.

Admin Section Enhancements

We have implemented an advanced custom bulk edit of products engine where the admin can select products from any brand, category or custom selection and apply a number of updates e.g percentage discount. Products can be assigned to categories massively. The user can select (after applying filters) products and assign them to any category. Tags can also be applied to a number of products from the admin section.

Integration with Compare Price engines

We have implemented an integration with the most popular compare prices engine in Greece, Skroutz.

Reporting/Data Analytics

We have implemented a data analytics mechanism based on MongoDB NoSQL database for in depth analysis.

Customized Loyalty System

We have implemented a custom loyalty system that is much more configurable than the default out of the box functionality.


  • Smaller bounce rate
  • Increased sales
  • Higher conversion rates

Useful Info

  • 3 Plugins developed
  • 20.000 products
  • 2.100.000 unique visitors last year
  • 10 - 20 new customers daily
  • 30% longer time on site
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